How do I download a photo from Flickr

           1. Click on photo 
           2. In the bottom right corner , there are  three  dots  ***
           3. Click on them ,   a range of options appear   a) rotate  ect  ect
           4. Click on " view all sizes "  4th from the end
           5.  this allow you to view all photos at various sizes
          5a)  Click on original  (  far right )
          6.   Finally ,  click on download ,  this will download the original photo
             in full resolution  ( best for printing)
          7.  You now have the original photo ,  save on your computer/ and
                    or put on a memory stick   and bring to any photo shop. 


         The instructions sound complicated , but it really is a couple of clicks. 

         Having said all that ,   there is an option to oder prints on - line 

      I have'nt used this option , but the costs look reasonable ( there will also be postage costs)










Most recent photos are hosted on Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go home .  

These Include year end title winning games , Mini World Cup and they annual visit of our fantastic Swansea City coachs our affiliate club in the Premership. Recently added the Mini World Cup 2017


Some of the oldies are on this site have a look at the archive pages 



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