Add a series of photos as a gallery

Create a link to a Photo Gallery

Update the fixture list

Add a YouTube Video 

Archive at season end

Website Standards



Add a series of photos as a gallery

To avoid filling up the team pages or the club galleries with too many photos, which would create a long list of thumbnails making it difficult to find the gallery you are looking for, new photo galleries should be included on their own seperate page. In this way the gallery can also be accessed in different places around the web site e.g. from the menu, a news item etc.

From the Control Panel choose Orphan Pages.

Click Add Orphan Page.

In the heading start the name of the page with the year, this will make organizing and finding the pages easier e.g. 2011 U10A Vs Lourdes Celtic

Publish  (publish) the page to save it.

Now from the Add Module To Page icon (plus2 1) click gallery to allow the gallery feature be used on this page.  

Click the Image Gallery icon (gallery) and choose Add To Image Gallery.

Choose the photos you want to upload to the server.


Create a link to a Photo Gallery

Once the gallery has been created (see Add a serious of photos as a gallery) you can include a link to the gallery from another page or within a news item etc.

Edit the page or news item where you want to add the link to the gallery.

Type the name of the gallery.

Highlight the name and click the Links icon (link).

Choose Page Link followed by Link To This Website.

As photo galleries should always be created on orphan pages, the list of orphan pages appears at the bottom of the Website Links page.

Choose the orphan page that includes the gallery you want to link to.

Click OK and Publish (publish) the change.


Update The Fixture List

(This same process should be used for all documents referenced on the website).

Update the list with latest fixtures in your Excel spreadsheet.

Save the file as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) sheet.

Save the changes in Excel file format as well, so the list can be altered again if necessary (you can't edit the .pdf format unless you have Adobe Professional).

Edit the Fixtures & Results page ( editPencil then edit) and place the cursor on the Fixture List link.

Right click the mouse (Windows) or cntrl and click (Mac) and choose Edit Link.

In the Link window click Browse Server to bring up the website file server window.

Click Choose File to bring up your own computer drive.

Highlight the latest copy of the fixture list then click Choose.

This returns you to the website server window where you click Upload to move the file from your local computer to the website file server.

Click on the new file name when it has uploaded so the Fixture List link is now pointing to this page.

Publish (publish) the change.


Add a YouTube video

(Currently the Video and Flash insert (video) is not working so videos should be added using Links (link)).

Bring up the video in Utube

Copy the address of the video.

Back on your web page, news item or wherever you want to access the video, type the video name then highlight the entire name and click the Links icon (link).

From the Link window choose Page Link.

On the Link Info tab paste the address copied above into the 'URL' field.

On the Target tab set Target to New Window and click OK.

Publish (publish) the change.


Archive at season end

The following sections of the web site should be archived from the menu at season end: News, Gallery and Teams.

Under the Archive under Page (editPencil)  click Add Sub-Page to create a new page for the year to be archived (e.g. 2011 - 2012).

Click on the menu item to archive (e.g. News) and under Page (editPencil) click Move Page

Under the Main Navigation window pick the page added above from the list, this is where the menu item will be moved, then click Save Options. 

If the pages appear out of order click on the Archive menu item and under under Page (editPencil)  click Order Sub Pages to fix the order of the added pages.

(Currently there's a problem with the software where multiple menu levels cross back on each other making it difficult to read the titles. If this is still a problem you can insert a text link to the archive year page added above, to point to each of the News, Gallery and Teams pages. Remove these pages from the menu, under Page (editPencil)  click Hide From Menu, this will leave only the current year pages visible on the menu).


Website Standards

To give the website a consistent look the following standards are used.

All text links (to photo galleries, videos or other web pages) use Heading 3 and bold (B).




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